A spotter's guide to saving your dug out parking spot in the…

Digging your car out after a major snow storm is never fun. What sucks even more is when someone steals the spot you worked so very hard digging out. Why? Because where are you going to park now? Piled snow takes up half the spots on your block and your '83 Camaro Berlinetta isn't climbing any snowbanks. Well, the… » 2/07/14 4:30pm 2/07/14 4:30pm

Volvo's Lost Dvärg Line - The Mini Volvo Wagons That Almost Were

These are the only two pictures that remain of Volvo’s custom built dvärg line (miniature line). Volvo considered bringing these micro cars to market in 1998 in response to changes made to Sweden’s disability laws, which required domestic manufacturers to sell vehicles specifically designed for the vertically… » 4/01/13 12:12pm 4/01/13 12:12pm